Friday, 29 January 2016

Ladies and lemurs

Some art from this week.

Big eyes, junk journal, gel pens and gelatos

Veins of colour, junk journal, colour pencils

Moon healer, journal 52, gelatos

'Conversation with a lemur', oils, wooden panel, 12 by 9 ins approx.

This year I decided to focus on paintings.  So of course, I've been doing mainly journalling...

However, in the midst of the journalling, I managed to paint a small oil from the drawing of the lady with the lemur from the beginning of January.  I did this oil painting in layers, wet on dry, with alkyd oils.  I hope to experiment more with oils over the next few months as it is a medium I've neglected in favour of acrylics...mainly for reasons to do with allergic reaction to turps.  I've solved my turps issues by using 'liquin' for a medium and 'zest it' for cleaning my brushes.

The two small faces at the top of the post are in the pages of the junk journal we made in  Its a handy size, 4 by 4 ins pages, for perching on your lap and doodling on whilst watching TV!!  I liked using gelatos for applying background colour quickly.  You can spread them with your fingers if the page is too thin to take water, and of course you can use a water brush pen to spread the colour on sturdier pages. 

I have artists gelatos and also kids gelatos and they both perform well in journals. Perhaps the artists gelatos are slightly creamier and would probably be lightfast, if you wanted to do archival artwork with gelatos.

Journal 52 prompt for this week was the full moon.  I did some written ramblings on my pages first, gessoed over, and applied the gelatos in abstract patterns, and discovered the girl in the moon.  

I hope you have a lovely peaceful creative weekend!!

Bye for now....

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