Friday, 5 February 2016

Monochromatic versus psychedelic

Art Journal 52 challenge this week: 2 prompts: use monochrome and/or psychedelic colours in page spread.

Here is my page.

'Lets make love', art journal page, mixed media

I chose to do both prompts on one page spread.  So I compared and contrasted monochromatic and psychedelic colour on adjacent pages. 

I used computer prints of the 2 faces shown yesterday on this blog for the focal point of the page. The prints are rather weak in colour but that is OK for journal work.  On a plus note, computer paper is nice and thin for collage work!  And as a bonus, I still have the original drawings if I should want to develop them into a mixed media work at a later date.

When making this particular page, I was thinking of the  love, peace and flower power themes of the 1960's in a very general way. to make it!  I was covered in glue and gesso, with tissue paper sticking to my fingers by the end of the session.

I really  like the playful nature of the art journal: I can relax and try out new techniques and materials, I don't have to produce a picture perfect result if I don't want to.  Its very freeing.  I could also use it to plan paintings but I haven't so far!

I think many artists do art journalling these days.  Its very 'in vogue'  (trending) at the moment - with lots of classes available for beginners.  

+Carolyn Dube  has a free class. See the link below.

There are also many art journalling groups on Google groups, on facebook, and on ning.

Well,I hope you have a happy weekend.  

Bye for now.....

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