Thursday, 23 March 2017

Peace and other ATCs

Some of this week's ATCs.


 You and me

 Girl with a bird

A4 background paper

Susie is watching TV...and 'Cat Ballou' is on screen!

1. ATC, Peace.  A response to the terrorism news today.

2. ATC, You and me.  Some little creatures 'found' on the background paint.

3.  ATC, Girl with a bird.    The girl is drawn on dry teabags which were collaged onto a watercolour background.  The flora is a stamped image.

I was keen to try using teabags after seeing PPF artist:- Irene Raphael's teabag art.  I like the effect of drawing on dry teabags...the tea stains the tissue paper with a beautiful brown colour...which complements the imagery. 

4. Background page.  Trying out Posca pens for doodling while watching 'Bones' on TV.

Not sure what I will do with the background page, but as I am in some swaps, it may be flying off abroad.

Swapping ATCS

Some people have asked whether I swap my ATCs.  I often swap them.  The collection of my ATCs so far can be seen on my Pinterest board.

If you want to swap with me, please get in touch: by commenting or by email.

I think that's all for  now.

Have a good day.



Valerie-Jael said...

We so need peace in this crazy world. I was so shocked when I saw the bad news yesterday. Your ATCs are great, as is the background paper, and I love the photo of Susie enjoying Cat Balou! Hugs, Valerie

Jan said...

June I love your ATC cards and the teabag art is another one that I want to try also. I have been saving my teabags but so far I haven't tried painting on them :)
Your artwork is beautiful and so is kitty!!!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wonderful art June! Lovely Susie!
Happy weekend!

Jackie P Neal said...

Wonderful atc's June! Thank you for taking the time to write quips about each of them- I like this!
Susi is just too cute! boy does she have the life-eh?!
have a beautiful weekend! xo

inkslinger said...

Really like all of your ATC's, but the for me the first one stands out. I think we need some peace in today's violent world.

sirkkis said...

Love all your new ATCs, June!
Happy weekend you two xx

denthe said...

Lovely ATC's again! That's a great idea to make a Pinterest board for trading! I'm going to follow your example, put the ones I have on a Pinterest board, and then I'd sure like to trade with you :-)