About my Art

I paint people interacting with animals, in a colourful style.  Usually, my  people and animals are situated in an imaginary landscape.

I arrived at my current style partially via an admiration of works by Picasso, such as 'Seated woman, 1937' and 'Portrait of Marie Therese Walter, 1937', and partially from my own love of colour and of  portraying animal subjects.

To make a particular painting,  I first of all search for an image of a person  around whom I will  build the story.  The person can come from imagination, from random doodling,  or from a photo reference.
Next, I choose which size of paper to use.  Currently, I work in small to medium sizes for convenience, e.g., under 12 by 16 ins.

After I have placed the drawing of the person on the paper,  I find an animal that suits the subject and add it to the design.  I try to match people, animal and landscapes so that they belong together naturally.  Thus, African subjects will be in a landscape that suggests Africa to me.

All that remains is to decide whether to use wax crayon, acrylics, oils,  or some combination of mediums.  

Currently,  I tend to work in wax crayons (neocolor 1) because I love their  intense colours and also because there is no mixing involved,  which means I can work quickly to an end result.

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Some of my art is featured in the book: 'Contemporary painters' by Kracun and McFadden.

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