Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A whimsical girl in watercolour and mixed media

Whimsical girl.

'Harlequin,'  watercolour and mixed media, 11 by 5 ins., paper.

This is a piece for an online class with Kate Thompson.

In this class- Fancy Lassies- Kate uses a lovely technique, which is a mix of mainly watercolour, with some touches of chalk paint and acrylics.  

In my painting above, I used home-made chalk paint, combining some fine marble dust with some Wedgewood-blue acrylic paint.  I found that the chalk paint was very useful for adding to the figure here and there to allow lost and found edges and help her meld with the background. 

Here's a link to Kate's art site.

Bye for now.

P.S. Making chalk paint for yourself. 

Whiting powder is calcium carbonate or chalk powder. It used to be combined with glue to make gesso before acrylic gessos. You can add it to acrylic paint to make it chalky. Its available from art shops and also DIY stores. You can also use marble dust. In fact, I used marble dust here by mistake. It looks exactly like whiting and is also calcium carbonate.