Friday, 26 May 2017

pieces for online art events

My recent pieces for online art events.

'My hands', soul art day, Facebook event.

Value study, beeswax mixed media, for 'lets face it 17' course.

Susie waiting for the ball to come around on the wheel.

1. Soul art day.

We had to trace around a body part and use images we liked to add to the composition.  I have a little barbary macaque there who has sprouted wings.  He looks as if he is meditating, so I guess meditating gives you wings.  Little dreaming monkey!

2. Lets face it 17- portrait course online.

This beeswax mixed media was a study in values, using beeswax as a final coat.  

3. Susie.

Waiting patiently to play with her wheel toy.  She now cries in the morning for 3 things and won't be settled till she gets them:  wet food in her dish, dry food to forage from toys all around the flat, a trip outdoors in her stroller!

Have a happy weekend!

Bye for now.

June and Susie.

Monday, 22 May 2017

collage and paint

A small collage piece.

'Mother and child', collage and paint, A4 card.


Collage on Sunday.

Yesterday, I thought I'd do a collage as a warm-up exercise for 15 mins, but got engrossed and spent all morning doing it.

I used a piece of watercolour paper (6 by 8 ins.), which had some brusho on it...spread PVA over it and glued down some  random black and white patterned papers...added some red acrylic paint, then swiped away some of the paint in shapes.  

The shapes looked rather like 2 figures so I added white paint to the figures and more collage papers and paint on the background.  Next, some pen lines to give the faces features.  I mounted the 6 by 8 ins piece on  A4 card added, collaged papers around the edge for a border, painted the border red, and it was done.

It was enjoyable to do as there was no plan...a bit of free-wheeling always feels good to me.


Susie is attempting to get my attention by lying in front of the computer, giving me a paw-shake.

Have a great day!


Friday, 12 May 2017

Not much art this week

Some small bits only.

'A gentleman caller', ATC.

'She shall have music wherever she goes', ATC.


Susie says 'Hi!'

Very little art done this week due to an attack of food poisoning on Wednesday.  I was laid low for two days but I feel better today, although still shaky.

The tag and ATCs were done at the beginning of the week.


These were a simple matter of collaging some doodles from a few years ago onto some pre-coloured backgrounds.


This particular tag design was inspired from a youtube video  by  +Susanne Rose

Susie's news

Susie was supposed to go to the vet on Wednesday but since I was ill she didn't go.  I made an appointment for next week.

Hope you are all well.  Take care and have a good weekend.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Two ATC's and a pink pet stroller

Some ATC's only for this week.

 'Meerkats love bugs', ATC, Mixed media

 'In the garden',  ATC, Mixed media

 Susie's pet stroller

Susie loves her stroller.


Two ATCs using paper collage, e.g.,  text papers, also some pen drawing, and some stamping.

Who doesn't love those sociable little meerkats?

Who doesn't love a garden to sit or stroll about in?

Susie's news.

Talking of strolling, Susie has been out a couple of times in her new pet stroller, but only to the front porch and back.  I am waiting till her final boosters are due, next week,  to take her on a longer stroll to the vet.  The stroller is secure but I'll take the extra precaution of putting her in her basket and placing that in the stroller.

As you can see, the stroller is roomy inside, and has 2 leads for attaching to a pet harness or collar.

You could easily get a couple of cats, or 2 Yorkies, or one small dog in it.  Useful for transport.

Well that's all our news for this week.  I've been taking it easy and so no new larger art pieces to show.

Have a good weekend.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May day!

Since its a new month, I changed my Blog header art.  For my new header, I picked the wax crayon of the girl with a meerkat on her shoulder.  She is colourful and happy and so she suits the idea of May day.

Wikipedia on May Day

wikipedia /May_Day

I'd love to change my Blog header every month for a bit of here's hoping I remember.

Yesterday, the actual may day, was wet and overcast mostly...but today, we have lovely sunshine.  Tah Dah.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 27 April 2017


In Africa this week.

'Another meerkat sentry,' wax crayons, 12 by 9 ins., paper.

'Botswana girl,' acrylics and collage, 12 by 9 ins, paper.

Susie getting ready for a sleep.

I was 'in Africa' for my art  this week.

1. Wax crayon girl.

I did this girl to figure out how to render a darker skin with wax crayons, using my usual colourful style.
I like the way she is smiling in this image.  I would smile too... if I had a meerkat perched on  my shoulder!!  

(P.S., Forgot to mention that this girl was inspired by one of the photos of Botswana ladies posted in workshop by Annie Hamman.).

2. Botswana girl with turban.

One of the portrait lessons in the 'Let's Face it' online art workshop was painting a Botswana girl in acrylics, with collage for her turban.  The lesson was by South African artist, Annie Hamman.  She used dark purple and browns for an under-painting and then added several layers of different brown hues to get a wonderful finished result.  She used collage for the head gear.

I enjoyed using collage to simulate the cloth of the head gear.  It was interesting to paint in reasonably realistic colours for the skin tones.  I stopped when I was getting tired and a bit bored...maybe when I am fresh again next week.... I will adjust bits and pieces in this one.  I only did about 3 layers...but you could do many  more layers.

3 Susie's news.

I saw a pink pet stroller on 'the dog whisperer' (on TV) , I loved it, and ordered one for Susie from Amazon.  It came yesterday.  I'm going to use it to take her for a walk outside in the summer. I live in a flat and its not suitable for her to roam outside on her own.  Lots of traffic and dogs outside.

Its May bank holiday in UK this weekend.  I hope the sun shines!  

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Bye for now.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Tried glossy accents varnish on tile

This week my new try was glossy accents varnish on a paper/card tile.

'Wonder', tile, 3.5 ins sq., with glossy accents varnish on top.

'Thinking of you', ATC.

'Birdie,' ATC.

'Caterpillar,' ATC.

Susie plays in the laundry basket.

Glossy accents on tiles.

I tried some glossy accents acrylic varnish this week.  It gives a thick enamel-like surface to the art project.  I used a small card tile to do some mixed media imagery to try it out. ( The mixed media I used was pan pastels for background colour plus stamped imagery on tissue paper.).  Then I added one layer of the glossy accents.

There are videos on Youtube on creating mixed media tiles if you are interested. See for example:-

In this project, I used a single card thickness, which gave a bit of curling to the edges, so next time I'd glue 2 paper tiles together for strength.  I'll probably glue another tile to the back of this one later. You can also use wooden tiles, ceramic tiles, etc, etc.


My ATCs were just to use up scraps of paper.  In 'Thinking of you', I used a bamboo pen which gave an interesting rough line to the girl's profile.


Susie went to vet for the first of her booster jabs this week.  She was calm and took it in her stride. (No scratching of the vet!!) 

She slept all day yesterday though...but this morning was full of beans and played in the laundry basket!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Bye for now...


Purr purr.