Thursday, 10 October 2019

More meerkats in ink.

Pen, brush, inks, pan pastels.

 Day 4.

 Day 5.

 Day 6.

 Day 7. Pan pastel for colours.

 Day 8.

 Day 9.

Day 10.  Ink wash for colour.

I am trying to do the inktober challenge this year for the first time.  I am managing to keep on schedule...just.  Its been a bit tough going getting motivated etc.,  especially around day 8 and 9.  

I think I have my enthusiasm back now.  I hope I can complete the challenge, even if I am doing my own thing, i.e., meerkats,  and not attempting the prompts. 

Hope you are all having a happy week and looking forward to the weekend.

Bye for now.....