Sunday, 17 March 2013

Restarting June's art blog today

I am re-starting my Blog today. Things artistic.

I will blog on drawing and painting projects I am currently engaged in.  Perhaps some chat about artists of the past and artworks by contemporary artists.  Perhaps also some daily life stuff.

Today, I was doodling ATCs with my left hand because I'd been watching part of a TV  programme on the creative brain.  The left hand, as we all know by now, connects more directly to the right side of the brain which is better for creativity.  I usually prefer my left hand doodles as they tend to have more whimsical character.  The right hand doodles tend to be more severe and precise.

At wetcanvas, we are running a project on Aubrey Beardsley. I haven't looked into his art in detail yet, but the general idea of stark black and white drawing interests me and so I used black ink to fill in the background for a couple of my left-hand ATCs.

I have signed up for an ATC swap on whimsical hair at the site.  My left-hand Beardsley -inspired girls may well do for that.

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