Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Using some spray paint

 'Hi there',  acrylics, around A4 size, tangerine cardstock paper.  This was inspired by one of my ATC cards.

I left this painting at a low contrast stage.  I rather like the textures in this piece which were achieved with some stamping and spraying.  I think I will get a range of colours in this paper to try different 'moods' in my figures.

Study-copy, Beardsley, 'Isolde'.  This was a quick study of an illustration by Aubrey Beardsley.  He was an English magazine illustrator who lived in the 1800's.  He died at the early age of 26 in 1898.  He did illustrations for 'The Studio' and 'The Yellow Book'.  Many of his drawings were considered erotic and rather scandalous in his time. 

We have a project on Beardsley running in the classical forum at this month- March 2013.

Apart from these works,  I did a couple of drawings of female heads.

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