Friday, 5 April 2013

Study-copy 'Franz Marc'

A small study-copy of a painting by Franz Marc 'The dream'. 

I did this yesterday.  Watercolours, 5 by 7 ins, on W/C paper.  A quick study....Its for a project on Marc at wetcanvas.  Here's the link:

To my surprise, I enjoyed painting the horses and so next, I may try a small copy of one of Marc's famous blue horses paintings.  Marc was a founder member of the expressionist 'Blue rider' group.

He was born in 1880 in Munich, then the capital of the Kingdom of Bavaria. His father, Wilhelm, was a professional landscape painter, and his mother, Sophie, was a strict Calvinist. In 1900, Marc began to study at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, where his teachers would include Gabriel von Hackl and Wilhelm von Diez. In 1903 and 1907 he spent time in France, particularly in Paris, visiting the city's museums and copying many paintings, a traditional way that artists studied and developed technique. In Paris, Marc frequented artistic circles, and was able to meet numerous artists, including the actress Sarah Bernhardt. He discovered a strong affinity for the work of Vincent van Gogh.

Marc gave an emotional meaning or purpose to the colors he used in his work: blue was used for masculinity and spirituality, yellow represented feminine joy, and red encased the sound of violence.

From wikipedia

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