Tuesday, 17 September 2013


'Amigos', heated wax crayon and India ink, ATC.  A little quick ATC from yesterday.  I like 'finding' imagery in abstract blobs of colour.

My starter pack of 16 encaustic wax blocks came today so now I will have the opportunity to try pigment wax and compare it to the crayons. I am looking forward to experimenting.

'Taking time to smell the flowers', Wax encaustic blocks and India ink, ATC.

On a first quick trial of the encaustic blocks, I found them to be thinner in substance and more translucent in effects than the crayola crayons. 

 I also tried to melt neocolour wax crayons and these were heavier, difficult to melt and gave thick opaque effects.

1. encaustic blocks- translucent effects
2. crayola crayons- medium effects
3. caran d'ache wax- thick and opaque effects

Strange to say, I prefer the crayola crayons for melting by iron.  The encaustic blocks may be better in a painterly method using brushes.

Has anyone else tried these and with what results?

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