Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A clean slate, with your own face on.

'A clean slate', mixed media, art journal page, 7 by 10 ins

The line (a clean slate, with your own face on) is from a poem by Sylvia Plath.  I thought it was appropriate because of the red, white and blue, British flag feel, of the page!  I must be feeling patriotic today.

Anyway, this was an excuse to try the 3 new stamps I got from Kaiser Crafts via Amazon.  I love them.  I also got 10 luggage labels/tags in different colours and so I incorporated a red one up in the left hand corner (the child is collaged onto the surface of the red tag).  If you lift the tag there is a female (in sailor outfit)  underneath.  This reminds me of projects we use to do in history at high school, using lift-up papers stuck to the main page to explore themes in detail.

Its not the best photo of the page but I can't use the scanner as the page is in a fairly bulky sketch book and the page doesn't scan unless I rip it out which defeats the purpose of the 'journal'as book,  of course.

I am loving STAMPING.

P.S.  The face are line doodles from an old sketchbook.  The women were done using my left hand; the child was a right hand drawing (my dominant hand).

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