Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bloom- journal page

'Bloom', art journal page, mixed media

I started this page off in order to try out a couple of  hand-made stamps, made out of craft foam.  Then I  added these lines of poetry from my book of female poets: 

'Clinker-built, the bloom, overlapped its petals
Like clapboards; like a boat I had; like the feathers of a wing;
A chunky, ruddy, beautiful Boeotian thing.'

From a poem by Edna St Vincent Millay: 'The strawberry shrub'

After the lines of poetry, I added doodles of the girl and flower from my doodle book.  They seemed to fit the clap-board imagery.

This first art journal of mine is turning out to be mainly about poetry.  Maybe I am giving myself a hint to start writing poems again!  I haven't written any poems for over a year.

I found a stamping forum called UKstampers.  They are at :-

For scrapbookers, card-makers, ATC-ers, etc.  I joined.

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Lottie said...

So glad that you added your blog to the list - I shall follow you with great interest and am loving your work