Wednesday, 30 October 2013

molding paste and dry pigment effects: monkeys

'Supper?', index card journal, 3 by 5 ins., mixed media

I did this teeny page in the index card journal to re-visit the technique of using dry pigment (cad yellow; crimson) scattered over molding paste.  It gives wonderful textural results which are seen to better effect IRL.

Once the pigment and paste are dry, I washed on a thin  layer of acrylic in magenta and cadmium yellow.  I found the little slender loris sketch in my notebook and the dragonfly was a paper embellishment from a kids craft pack.  I stuck them on with regular gel.

I love the effects of this combination of techniques and hope to try it out on a regular A4 size painting.

'Squirrel monkey face', acrylics, 5 by 7 ins., painting board.

Yesterday I did a try-out of a squirrel monkey face to get a handle on its features...with the intention of doing a larger painting eventually.

Monkeys are my favourite wild animal.  There are so many unique species with such wonderfully varied facial features!  

Painting monkeys could keep one engrossed for years.

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