Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Rose garden

'I never promised you a rose garden', mixed media, A4 cartridge paper.

Well,  that saying is certainly true for me today.   Several things went 'wrong' with this piece.  I learned that if you use a brayer on wet gel medium then it lifts the surface of the paper you are attempting to stick down...which is what happened with the doodle of the girl.  I meant to leave her as a black and white graphite drawing but using the brayer lifted the surface somewhat and so I had to reseal and then paint over her...but its not too bad I suppose.  Next time I hope to have more success leaving the doodle in its original state, i.e., I won't use the brayer.

Secondly, I learned that you should use a heavy weight paper for your background surface.  My sketch book paper with the girl was heavier than the thin surface paper and so again problems with sticking the collage element.  

Well, you live and learn!!

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