Monday, 18 November 2013

Some journal pages

'Tangerine kaleidoscope', mixed media, journal page.

This reminded me of both tangerines and those kaleidoscope toys you used to get in Woolworths years ago.  The hearts were craft foam shapes from a child's craft set.  

'Sunshine day', mixed media, index card journal page.

I tried out encaustic on marker pen paper.  I then glued it to an index card.  I also tried encaustic on gessoed card.  I found the marker pad gave soft edged effects whilst the gesso gave a hard edge. 

I need to experiment more with wax....for surfaces to use and also to get more proficient with the heating tools.  But I love the way you can get the wax to shine by polishing it with a cloth.

It was a grey bleak wet day outside, so all the yellow and orange cheered me up.

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