Thursday, 30 January 2014


'Roses by the window,'  pen and wash, 4 by 6 ins., paper.

I was very tired this morning due to a sleepless night.  I was awake from around 3 am til 7 am.  Luckily, I grabbed a few hours from 7.30 til 10.30 am.  and in the afternoon, I managed to do this sketchy pen and wash on cheap paper. 

'Flowers' is a subject matter I've mostly steered clear of in the past, because they seemed complicated in form and also, you have to portray their delicacy.

But now, I like this subject precisely because it is complicated and thus  all you can do is to hint at the forms.  Watercolour is good at conveying delicacy and the ink lines add a bit of substance to design.

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