Friday, 21 February 2014

experiment with masking and watercolour

'Spring bouquet'.  Watercolour/mixed media, cartridge paper, 9 by 12 ins.

Experimenting with various masking techniques as first layer, abstract washes as second layer, then 'see' what image is suggested from the painted paper.

I used student quality watercolours and cartridge paper for this and probably for the next few experiments with masking under watercolour.  The techniques use a lot of paint.  I'll switch back to artist paints when I have more experience.  The masks used were masking  fluid (mainly for the spirals), masking tape, and some candle wax.  Paints: Cotman watercolours in ultramarine, gamboge, and alizarin crimson.

The patterns suggested flowers to me so I painted a vase, table and some spring flowers.  I think its a technique that suggests flowers fairly readily..maybe because I've been doing a few little pen & wash flower studies recently.  I have flowers on my mind.

Its not a 'finished' piece, rather just a first experiment.  But I'm fairly happy with the results of this technique.

It follows on from the acrylic medium/stencil work earlier this month.

A reference for this technique is:

#betsy dillard stroud: 'Painting from the inside out'.North Light Books, 2002

Bye for now.....

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