Monday, 21 April 2014

Heart art journal

'Heart Journal', 3 by 4 ins, mixed media. Front page and insert tag.

page 2 and 3 with a tag insert (back view of tag on front page)
Page 4 and 5

Page 6 and 7
Page 8 and 9, with tag insert

Page 10 and 11 with reverse side of previous tag

Page 12 and 13 with tag

Page 14 and 15 with reverse of previous tag

Page 16 and 17

Page 18, back cover.

You get quite a lot of pages in this small journal created by folding a single sheet of A3 cartridge paper.

I did this journal whilst trying to sort my laptop fiascos last week (maybe 2 weeks?).  It kept me distracted from my problems.  There isn't a single theme to this journal as far as the images are was an exercise in keeping on going....

So this was my effort in time of stress due to technology problems.

I journalled (written words) on the back of these pictorial pages.

Bye for now.

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