Tuesday, 27 May 2014

cards- art is a way of life

4 More cards.  I have one to do to complete the set.  Good set to have when you are feeling less than inspired...a jolly-you-along kind of set.  A reminder of reasons to do art perhaps?

I did a small journal page, around 4 by 3 ins., but nothing else, as I was waiting in for furniture to be delivered. Later in the afternoon, I found out that it wont be coming until tomorrow....

Here's the page, a bit forlorn and worn, because it has seen lots of layers due to experiments gone wrong.

That's the beauty of the journal : its not artwork for appraisal but for yourself...Also, multiple layers are a feature of mixed media techniques.

I got the  'Mary Cassatt' stamp from an art buddy in USA.

Bye for now.

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