Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Finishing the Found Poems journal

4 Tag poems (to insert)

Front cover

Back cover

'Journey', Found poems art journal, page size 4.5 by 3 ins., mixed media.

I will post the completed journal on my website: June's site and also on my pinterest boards ASAP. june's pinterest

Making this journal was a pleasure as it brought together my interests in poetry and art.

To compose the found poems I used this simple method.

1. Choose a book, e.g., from a booksale or junk shop, or other old book you don't mind cutting up;
2. Rip out a few pages at the start of each poem;
3. Cut a few lines from the top and bottom of each ripped out page and set to one side.
4. Save the rest of the pages for later poems.
5. Pick a line and look to see if it has words or phrases you connect to, especially 'mood' words or action  verbs
6. Put the words chosen to the side.
7. Discard the words and lines you don't like.
8.  Look at your chosen words and play around with a new arrangement, making them into a poem that you like.
9.  Stick the lines down in your journal .

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