Friday, 6 June 2014

small journal finished

front page with tag inserts.

Front and back covers

front side opened out

 back, opened out

art journal 'Decisions', 4 by 3 ins., mixed media.

I finished the small journal, 'Decisions', which has no particular theme, just a hotch-potch of experiments using media and techniques I happened to be trying out while the journal was in progress.  ( A close up view of most of the various pages are scattered in past blog entries).  Monkeys tended to appear a lot in this journal, so maybe my next themed journal will be primates.

I love this small size of journal.   Made from cutting and folding 1 sheet of A3 cartridge paper.  It had a few 'mishaps' along the way, e.g.,  I collaged a sheet of deli printed paper to the back, didn't like it, so painted it over with acrylics, didn't like that, so I collaged over the paint.  In the end, all the layers helped to stiffen the thin cartridge paper and so it turned out for the best!!

That's what I like about mixed media, you can't go wrong.  If you make a 'mistake', just add a layer over it.

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