Tuesday, 17 June 2014

wax crayons on turquoise pastel paper

'Giraffe memory', wax crayons, Murano paper, 9 by 12 ins.

I tried out the Caran d'Ache neocolour I (nonsoluble) on turquoise coloured paper to see how this colour affected the crayons.  I used yellows and oranges and the turquoise paper  muted them to interesting browns. 

Next time, I may try using blending sticks or maybe I will  try solvents to see the effects.

This morning was lovely and sunny in the park.  Here's Toby on his walk.

He is about 12 years old and has food allergies which have been affecting his skin.  I am feeding him an omega rich oil product for dogs which is supposed to help and his hair is starting to grow back now.

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