Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Birds- in journals

'Bluebird on her shoulder', sketchbook drawing, 8 by 5 ins approx.

'Robin redbreast',  art journal page spread, 12 by 16 ins approx.

The first image is from my sketchbook doodling.  The second is in response to a workshop given by Veronica Funk in the '21 secrets' course.

We had to pick an animal ....perhaps one that we'd seen recently...... and journal about it by figuring out its meaning (from animal totem sites ) and then apply its message to ourselves in some way.

The other day, I was happy to see the first robin redbreast of Winter in my garden and so I picked this bird for my spirit/totem/messenger for this project.  I was surprised to find that despite its small size and 'ordinariness', this bird is a powerful little guy. He symbolizes new creative energy and new beginnings, and so forth.  Kind of apt as I am doing this new journalling course which is leading me off in all sorts of wonderful new directions.

He also is the bird that UK seems to hold as an emblem of the British countryside.

Read about the robin symbolism here:

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