Thursday, 13 November 2014

lizard tag

'Green Lizard',  tag front and back, around 5 by 3 ins. mixed media.

A quick try-out of a kids foam stamp- lizard- which I got in 'Poundland', along with 6 other stamps (big butterfly, bee, ladybird, turtle, cricket and a snail).  Not bad haul for £1!!  

The poem on the back is  from various cut up texts from various books.  It seemed to suit the lizard. 

I love lizards, skinks and geckoes...ever since seeing them in NZ.  My cat there used to love coralling small brown skinks when I lived surrounded by bush in Titirangi, Auckland.  I watched geckoes in Rarotonga and in Thailand when I was in those countries for a few months.

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