Sunday, 14 December 2014

21 secrets workshop by Brian Kasstle

Today, I followed the online art journal workshop by Brian Kasstle.  I worked on this page spread without a break because I was eager to try out doodling in pen on top of paint.

'Dreamer', art journal, mixed media.

Some of the main ideas in this workshop were:

1. find some photos of yourself as a child and have a conversation with youself
2. Use sandpaper to 'distress' paint
3. Use image transfers

My focal image is of me around 9 years old in my summer frock at the local Gala day in Linlithgow, Scotland.

This image is waxed using a method I saw on youtube at:

I loved waxing the print-out image.  I used clear encaustic medium but I think I will try beeswax next.

The image of myself at the top right is a packing tape transfer...this worked quite well.

I think this workshop helped me to understand how to use multiple layers to give a richly layered and interesting page.

Thanks to 21 secrets course!


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