Sunday, 28 December 2014

Encaustic experiments: ladies

Trying out melted beeswax to coat printer papers.  The papers were collaged with gel medium in the first tag and with the hot iron in the second attempt.

I sealed both of the finished works with glazing medium...but in the next trial,  I think I will just buff the wax with a cloth and leave it unsealed.

The phoenix rises, Tag, 
Goddess, tag-style.

For the first tag, the background is distress ink over stencils and the cut-out image is waxed and glued on.  It was a quick one take.

In the second, the whole thing is beeswax, with wax crayon detail added over it.  This has lots of layers because it wasn't until near the end that the idea focused.

I got the beeswax from USA and had to try it out.  I love using it, and I really like the effects....but I need to remember to open a window, or use a mask, as it gives you a headache!!  Also, I will see if I can find a local supply of beeswax.

For my next attempts, I think I will wax some of my own drawings and paintings.

Here's a link to a very good youtube video on waxing paper.

waxing papers

Looking forward to the New Year!!


Dana S. said...

I'd love to see more of your progress as the end result is just beautiful. Your Tags have such style. But I bet there is a difference in texture now that I'm not seeing in the photos. Are you just brushing the wax on? & what kind of crayons are you using?... I love to try new things too!

June Walker said...

Hi Dana. Thanks for commenting. I melt the wax on a travel iron and swipe the paper along it to coat it with beeswax. I use caran d'ache non soluble crayons. There is a lot of rich texture on the second tag...because of the many layers and the crayon topping! Do you do encaustic?