Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Journalling by five's

I thought I'd give the journalling by 5's project a go.  I am at stage 4.  Here is the cover of my journal and 3 random scan pages.

The sketchbook was £1 from poundland in town....surprisingly fairly thick pages for journalling work.

For details of the project visit the facebook page.

journalling by 5's

Stage 1:-  Use paint or inks

Stage 2:- collage items

Stage 3:- stamps and stencils

Stage 4:- focal imagery and words

Stage 5:- details with pen and pencils

Then you can work the individual pages up to a final stage if necessary.

I was interested in doing this project mainly because it involved working with one medium ...over all the pages, before going on to the next medium.  This means working up 20 pages simultaneously...rather than working exclusively on one page from beginning to end.

It introduces a randomness too which is fun and also may throw up image connections that are unsual for you.

Here's a link to one of the videos where an artist has begun a journallingby5's challenge.

cathand journalling by 5s

Bye for now...


Jennifer Beck said...

Love this idea. Will give it a try. Your colors are gorgeous!

June Walker said...

Thanks Jennifer. I hope you try it and find it fun, useful, interesting! Here's a link to one of the youtube videos on the challenge...there are many videos of artists doing the challenge on youtube.