Sunday, 28 June 2015

Earth, air, water, fire. Journal52.

Journal52 page spread.  

The challenge for this week on Journal52 was 'Elements: earth, air, water, fire'.   This is my page and I focused on the 'Earth mother' idea.  Gaia, mother goddess, etc.

I took out my gelatos, meaning to use them, but ended up doing mainly collage with some acrylics.

The idea of mother earth or the mother goddess, is interesting and appears in many cultures.  You could devote lots of time to this idea in art.  I did a fairly quick effort today, around 2 hours maybe, as I don't want to spend ages on pages!  However, its a good theme for paintings.

I usually work from the colour and line up towards an image but doing the journal52 challenges has made me interested in working from the idea or theme down as it were.


Bye for now....

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