Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Cats rule

My journal 52 page spread for this week.  Challenge:  to be inspired by things you received in the mail.

'Cats rule', mixed media, journal page

A page about cats.  Cats appear a lot in my art.  I don't have a cat at the moment but I have had lots of cats in the past, mainly tabbies.  

For this spread, I used some clippings from a leaflet I got in the mail from Germany, which was advertising cat and dog food, as well as pumpernickel bread for humans. That started me off on the cat theme.  I used stencils with acrylic paint for the background and collaged on the other items.

I am happy that I am keeping up, more or less, with the challenges for journal52, because I will have a completed journal (my first) to show for it at the end of the year.  Already this journal is very fat. 

I used a journal with fairly thin cartridge paper this time around, but if I continue to journal, I will get a book with more substantial paper, e.g., watercolour paper or thick mixed media paper. This particular journal is 6 by 8 ins and I like that size.  What size do you prefer?

In other news:

Toby is doing well on his medication and I will take him back to the vet this Friday for a check-up.  It is worrisome when things go wrong.  He takes his medicines nice as pie.  Good boy!

Well, that's all for now.  Bye...

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JackieP Neal said...

Such gorgeous pages! Love you use of color June!