Monday, 10 August 2015

Birds' song - poem.

Art journal pages.

'Birds' song',  6 by 8 ins., mixed media.

'Enjoy the Painting process', 6 by 8 ins, mixed media.

I did the birds' song page spread this morning and enjoy the painting process spread about a week ago.  Both pages are in a small journal, 6 by 4 ins., for single page size.

For birds' song, I was trying out some shop-bought patterned tissue paper for my background, and since the birds looked so good, I didn't want to cover them with paint, so I looked for a 'found' poem in some random book text that I'd previously cut out for another project.  The lines came together in a little poem, which seemed to suit the patterned tissue paper background.

The text reads:-

The birds' song

I see a golden feather
in a waterproof box.
I remember
a far-away voice
and my
traveller's heart hurried
to the other side of

Farewell, farewell!

by June Walker 2015

I was going to do a portrait today, (finish off one I started last week) but my hay-fever tablets made me feel drowsy so I could only manage the small art journal page spread, on bird song.

The second art journal spread shown above was done for the night of the blue moon in July, Friday 31, although I did it the next day...first of August.

It was for the moon journalling group at +Effy Wild

Bye for now.

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JackieP Neal said...

Beautiful June!
Your found poem is the best! Truly wonderful!