Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Arum lily

Acrylics, 15 by 11 ins., paper.

'Arum lily', acrylics, 15 by 11 ins., watercolour paper.

Acrylics used were a mix of : +Winsor & Newton  and  Atelier.  From a pen drawing done last month in my sketch book.

This takes me back to the time I spent in NZ .... there were lots of arum lilies in my garden there.

Bye all.


Giggles said...

Love your style...your characters would make a fabulous child's book! Fabulous illustration!!

Hugs Giggles

JackieP Neal said...

She is beautiful June, as is her angel!
I may not comment every time as I was away, but I have looked back and your art is always so joyful to me! thank you for sharing! hugs