Sunday, 27 December 2015

Red beads

Watercolour portrait.

'Red Beads', 15 by 11 ins., paper.

Quick study of woman wearing a red bead necklace.  I am leaving her like this as I don't want to fiddle with areas...such as shadows.
Often when I decide to 'improve' or 'finish' areas, I end up finishing the thing 'off''.  So I have learned- with difficulty- that its better to leave paintings at 80-90 per cent OK,  rather than to go for 100 per cent and tip the whole thing over into 101 per cent and into the bucket!!  That's my thinking anyway and probably there are other artists who would agree with this, in relation to their own watercolour work.

In this painting, I used a limited palette of Winsor yellow, Q. red, ultramarine blue and burnt sienna: the blue and burnt sienna made the greys.  

I like chunky bead necklaces and own 2 chunky bead necklaces, one in blue and one in purple .

Now its time to think of end of the year matters and to make some New Year resolutions or goals. Next year, I want to concentrate on making art to hang on the wall; last year, I concentrated on art journalling mainly.  Pleased to say, I filled up an entire journal from journal52 prompts this year. 

I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2016!!

Bye for now....

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JackieP Neal said...

Wonderful that you made a plan for the year and completed it!! Kudos to you June!
I love your art, and this lady is no exception! Your shading and shadowing is beautiful!! She really is lovely! Happy 2016!