Friday, 26 February 2016


Lots of collage on the art journal page today.  And ....secondly, a wax crayon face.

'Discover', Facebook group, art journal prompt.

The prompt for the Facegroup art journal prompts was Discover.  I used a lot of glue and hastily collaged papers together for this week's prompt.  My discovery was...Discovering the poet within.  Mainly because I'd glued down a piece of paper on which I'd hand written one of my poems a while back.  (This poem was published in Tower poetry magazine a few years ago.)

Here's the text of the poem on this journal page.

Her roots

are wild heather
to boggy soil,
wringing out usable minerals
from forsaken ground,
specialised for the task,
gripping tightly,
unlikely to be pulled up by man,
or weather.
Craggy stems,
harsh curly head of hair-
still, she bears small green leaves
in spring- and in Autumn-
a magnificent purple blaze. 

By June Walker

Facebook group is a closed group, so you have to apply to join if interested.  Check it out on the link below.

Facebook , art journal prompt group.

'Girl wearing a stripey jumper', wax crayons

The wax crayon doodle of the girl will probably appear on a journal page sometime soon.

Link to the show your face group.  

Have a great weekend!  Bye for now......

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