Friday, 4 March 2016

girls, meerkats,

A couple of art projects from this week....  firstly, a wax pastel of girl with meerkat and secondly, an art journal spread.

Meerkat sentry: I can see great from up here!',  wax pastels, 12 ins sq., paper.

'Roll on summer,' page spread, art journal faces.

Possibly, the meerkat turned up because I am waiting for the show 'Meerkat Manor' to return to the TV screen this Sunday.  I loved watching it first time round.  Not sure if this will be a rerun or a new season!

There is a small group of meerkats in our local zoo, so it would be lovely to visit them soon, especially as the weather is getting warmer.

The journal page spread shows I am thinking of the summer coming!!  The girl was the face I did in wax crayon and posted in my blog on 26 February, so in the end, I did get to use her on a page.

Have a great weekend!!

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