Friday, 27 May 2016

Head positions

Graphite HB pencil...originals are very pale and I had to enhance the contrast to get a scan.

Back view

Meercat girl

Looking downwards

Short hair

These are a few very light pencil sketches.  Apologies for the scan quality.  Different head positions  was our challenge on Show your face for this month. I suggested the topic so I obviously had to attempt it!!

The first two were completed this week.  The bottom two were in my sketchbook from earlier this year.

I am hoping to do the second sketch-  meercat girl - as a painting fairly soon, either in acrylics or wax crayons .

I haven't had as much time as I'd hoped to do head positions this month because I signed up for the art journal swap on elephants and that seems to have take over my art  time this month.  The elephant pages are due out on the 1 June and so I can't post the pages here until my swap partners have received them.  I've got 3 done and one to go!! So I am happy with the progress.

Have a great weekend whatever you decide to do.

Bye for now.


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