Thursday, 29 September 2016

29 faces project finished

Last day for #29faces project.  Here is my catch-up for this week.  Some graphite pencil and colour pencil studies.

 'Curly Sue- left side', graphite, sketchbook. Face 24.

'Curly Sue, left side', cp, sketchbook. Face 25.

'Curly Sue, right side', graphite, sketchbook. Face 26.

'Curly Sue, right side', cp, sketchbook. Face 27.

'Japanese statue, profile', pencil, sketchbook. Face 28.

'Japanese statue',pencil, sketchbook. Face 29.

'Curly Sue' was inspired by reference photos on wetcanvas.  The Japanese lady was drawn from a small statue figurine in my studio.

The end of the project.  I have enjoyed the challenge: especially attempting to use materials I don't usually use such as brusho and colour pencil.

It would be good to do further work with faces using various materials/mediums.

I already feel this practice has improved my ability to 'see' faces and details of the planes, shadings, and other characteristics.  I think this will be very helpful for future work,both in a realistic portrait style and for imaginative drawings of people.

Thanks to Ayala Art for suggesting and hosting this project.


Bye for now.


lissa said...

these are nice, I especially like the curly sue ones

I didn't challenge myself as you did and didn't use any new medium, perhaps I should think on that.

have a lovely day.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

congrats on getting all of those faces finished :D nice job with the curly hair :)

Jackie P Neal said...

June!!! These are incredible drawings! I just love your art!! xo