Wednesday, 14 September 2016

some faces, catch up.

#29faces.  This weeks art work so far.

'Butterfly garden, mixed media, craft paper, A4

'Green sundress', gouache and pan pastels, 10 by 8 ins., paper

'Renaissance fair lady', pastels pencils, A4. pastel paper

'Bantock park man', graphite pencil, 5 by 4 ins., sketchbook paper.

Butterfly garden:  distress inks, pan pastels and other inks.  Surface was a yellow ochre craft paper.  Its a very nice paper for making tags etc.  Unfortunately, the shop where I bought the pad is gone. 

Green dress:  Gouache on girl, pan pastels for the blue background.  I don't use gouache much but I have a lovely box of caran d'ache gouache bought several years ago and it might be a good idea to get them out more often and upgrade my skills with this medium.

Renaissance lady: pastel pencils.  A bit messy to use.  Another medium I don't use much.  I used the trois crayon colour scheme ( sanguin, white, black), used by artists of the I thought it fitted the Renaissance theme.  This drawing was based on a photo of a lady in the RIL at wetcanvas

Bantock park man: good old HB pencil!  Sketch based on a photo I took myself, a few years ago.

These are faces 10, 11, 12 and 13 for the #29faces project this month.  Good to keep practising...even when not in the mood.

Thanks for looking/commenting.

Bye for now.

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Susan said...

Your drawings are great. I do like the different methods you are using. I good idea to get out the materials that you have but never seem to use.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wow these are all magnificent. Very nicely done.

tartantaz said...

I love all your faces but I think my fav is your pastel lady :) I have enjoyed looking at todays post :) Thanks for sharing :) T x

Jackie P Neal said...

Gorgeous faces June! Each so full of character and personality! I especially love the butterfly lady!

Have been thinking of you..hope you are hanging in there-it is never easy when we loose our furbabies,they are such a part of our lives