Thursday, 22 December 2016

Towards Christmas

Collage tag art  and a  photo of my cat.

1. Tag, collage, mixed media

2. Susie, exhausted by playing

I am slowly getting things ready for Christmas, which is mainly making sure all the food is in the cupboards. 

Susie has learned the value of sitting on my knee, getting stroked, and purring.  She was on my knee for about 3 hours yesterday as I watched TV.  I stood up and my legs were numb.

Hope your Christmas prep is going according to plan.

Bye for now....


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Susie has a very striking stare

Happy Holidays :)

Gibby Frogett said...

Nice tag June - love the colours.
3 hours? - no wonder your legs were numb :(
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas... Gill x

Jackie P Neal said...

Such a lover Susie is!! ouch for the leg! heehee