Monday, 9 January 2017

journal pages catch-up

Some journal pages from last week and this week.

1. Butterfly.

2. Fossils.

3. Garden.

1. Butterfly.  This lovely butterfly tumbled out of my drawer...originally on a napkin...and so I collaged it on the page as a focal image.  Then added some found words from book text:

The beginning

Something tiny
plays the harp now-

Slender waists dance
in the sunlight.

2. Fossils.  This was mainly a try-out of a new stencil from which I got on Amazon.  Trilobites by +Carmen Medlin .  I added a scrap drawing of a bush-baby animal and then some words from random book text:

We saw a strange thing:
with a dusky glow

it shone right through
his furs.

3. Garden.  trying out some poetry from found words in random book texts:

The garden

Green ferns crept
through the doorway

A faint smell:
sandal-wood, musk,
that reminded me of something...

good friends,
buried treasure,
the sound of a bell...

go on another dream tonight.

The found poetry is always a surprise which makes it fun to do.  

Bye for now...


Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful journal pages, love the colours - always a pleasure to see your art. Hugs, Valerie

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

grfeat words for all of the pagea :) really like the garden one, nice and bright :)

Jackie P Neal said...

June, Your pages are splendid and your found poetry is always wonderful! Each spread speaks to me! I so love your art! xo