Thursday, 6 July 2017

Collage, with medieval art

Collage on panel.

'Book of hours', Collaged paper with acrylics, 7 by 5 ins., panel.

Susie watching the art-making from the window ledge.


My art.

This collage was inspired by Medieval book art.  I cut the centre-piece from a child's book on Medieval art, which I had picked up at a used book sale.  

Often, the religious illuminated texts from the middle ages used intense bright colours, almost jewel-like in effect; but this particular sample from a book of hours used colour sparingly, being almost monochromatic.

Although book illuminations from the medieval period were often extremely small, perhaps about ATC size,  the artists managed to make beautiful and intricate details in their faces and figures.

My collage went through a few layers and changes of mind to finally arrive at this design.  Originally, I had shells in the background but the butterflies (or moths) seemed to suit the collage piece better in the end!


Susie loves to watch and tries to swipe the brushes and paints, before settling down for a very long nap!

It has been warm this week.  Too hot for me.  I have lived for a time in Auckland, Thailand, and the Cook Islands....all very hot compared to UK...but my preference,  after all is said and done,  is the overcast coldish UK weather.  

Have a lovely weekend.

Bye for now.


Valerie-Jael said...

I love your medieval book illustration, beautifully done. And Susie is always a work of art! I know what you mean, I always prefer it on the cool side, too. Much too hot here again, too. Hugs, Valerie

Sue (this n that) said...

Hello June, your collage is delightful - I like it very much. Your Susie is a beautiful pet isn't she.
I must also compliment you on your header. Cheers !

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

its been grey here but pretty muggy :/ Glad I am not back in Canada tho, dont think I could deal with +30C anymore

Susie looks so soft and cuddly :)

Your collage looks nice, first thing I thought of was illuminated texts

Giggles said...

Wonderful medieval book illustration! I too prefer the cool...we have had some heat but this morning it feels better. Suppose to get hot though! Just catching up! Although beautiful Susie looks slightly annoyed in this photo... wonder what she's thinking!!

Hugs Giggles