Friday, 11 August 2017

Small portrait from imagination.


 'Flower picker', ink and pan pastels, A4 paper.

Sleepy cat.

Not much to show this week as I couldn't quite get 'in-the-mood'.  

In 'The flower picker ', I decided for a change to use a thin, pale, wash of ink over my scribbles and cross-hatching before applying my pan pastel colour to see the effect.  ( I usually use dark washes or multiple washes of black ink over my scribbles before I add colour.  This helps with tonal values in the art.)

I found that the pan pastel colours I have, don't give good darks, and if you try to apply them in thick layers, trying to get rich darks, the chalk  obliterates the pen lines, which I don't really want for this approach.

Having said that, I have sent for 5 extra-dark earth shades, so when they arrive,  I'll see if they are useful for dark areas....e.g., do they allow the pen lines to show through? 

I could always switch to another medium for colouring....I think inktense blocks or alcohol markers might be good for adding colour to a pen and wash drawing.  The problem with inktense blocks is - they are not light fast.   However, I do like them!

I am enjoying experimenting, and to keep experimenting,   I have enrolled for a collage class online,  and I am eager to try it out.  Its called 'Collaged reflections' with Lauren Rudolph on the Kara Bullock art site.   It started on the 9th August.

I feel like a long nap Susie.  Have a great weekend.

Bye for now.


Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful art and gorgeous Susie. Enjoy your collage course and your nap, hugs, Valerie

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

a nap sounds good right now, so tired

love the inktense, but tend to use them with things that are not that important since the lightfast issues and make sure I get a good scan of the art just in case it fades.

Jackie P Neal said...

Beautiful portrait June.
I appreciate that you take the time to share your methods and thoughts on your pieces- thank you!
sweet Susie photo as well!
Jackie xx

Clare Willcocks said...

Experimenting is good! I like the outcome - the colours look beautifully vibrant to me!

I can't believe how much your cat looks like our family cat Molly when I was younger. I bet she is just as lovely :)