Friday, 6 May 2016

Pretty Flamingo

Finishing touches to a small acrylic painting.

'Pretty flamingo', acrylics. 9 by 7 ins., paper

I started this painting a few years ago but only got around to finishing it this week.  It started out as a small pencil doodle which I enlarged and coloured using acrylic glazing layers. 

The painting was inspired by the flamingoes at my local zoo, but of course, it is whimsical and imaginative in nature, not a realistic portrayal.

At our local zoo, there is a small pond, which is home to several flamingoes. The funny thing about the birds is that when the large lorries rev up to climb the hill outside the zoo...the noise makes the flamingoes run and flap their wings and honk very loudly.... as if in panic.  The noise of the machines must sound like an alarm call to them. Luckily, they soon settle down again, and stroll about their pond- posing for cameras and interacting with each other.

Have a great weekend.

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The challenge for the month of May on 'show your face', is head positions...Whilst I didn't do this painting specially for the challenge, it fits in quite well I think.

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