Friday, 4 June 2021

Some Charcoal sketches.


I've been doing some portrait studies in charcoal this year.  I have shied away from charcoal in the past; but now I am glad I gave it a it is really good for quick studies.

These are all from photo refs at raw umber studios.  They run free online portrait classes some Sundays.

My sketches may not be very like the models but I was happy just to be studying head positions and lighting etc.  This will come in handy for imaginative studies of people in the future.

Wow, the more you delve into art-making, the more you realise how much you have still to learn,  I will be at this for years and years I think.

Have you tried much charcoal work?

Bye for now from sunny Wolverhampton!!

1 comment:

Debra said...

These portraits are so lovely! I do hope you will show more of these. Years ago in art class I used charcoal-but I think I should get back to it...