Tuesday, 10 September 2013

heating wax crayons

1. 'Blue monk'
2. 'Girl with creature on her head'
3. 'Girl'

ATC's, all done in melted wax crayon, with ink lines after.

I have been looking at a couple of youtube videos on heating kids wax crayons to produce artworks, especially ATCs and today I felt like giving it a go myself.

See for example this video:

I used a sheet of Bristol paper, 8 by 10 ins., and crayola crayons.  I used my old traveller's iron as a heat source and melted the crayons on it then swiped the iron over the Bristol paper in random colour swatches.

I turned the paper over when finished and cut it randomly into ATC pieces, then turned it over to see if there was any imagery suggested by the blotches of colour.  I 'found' these three images which I actually did in reverse order.

So that was a playful morning.

To really get into wax methods, or encaustic, I think the small heating tool would be good for precision, but the iron was OK for a first attempt.


Brian said...

Nice! Makes me want to experiment with anything and everything that can create line and/or colour. :-)

wanda miller said...

very COOL fun june! my afterschool children have to beat me to the crayon melt at school when I am trying to set it up ;)
so glad to find you again. I had been wondering the other day, where you were, and truly missing your ingenious, original art work!!!

SeekingForArt said...

how wonderful! I really love the results! I have more videos in Ustream if you interested same user name! Thank you for posting the YouTube video. I'm honored!