Wednesday, 11 September 2013

left over crayon drawing

1. 'Little white dog'- one of the heated kids crayon batch from yesterday, which I found the dog image in today.
2. 'Bookmark'- water soluble wax and oily wax crayons.

I tried out some water-soluble caran d'ache crayons this morning on a scrap of orange pastel paper.  I wanted to see the effect of using the soluble crayons under the wax crayons.  The soluble crayons gave a good undercoat of solid colour when washed over with water on a brush- rather like magic painting books for kids.  This will save me a lot of effort in oil pastel work where it can be difficult to get rid of little 'holes' of colour in the paper...even when using a blender crayon or a blender tool.  In future,  I will use the soluble colour under the OP to get a good covering and hope to get around to trying this technique out in a larger size of work tomorrow.  I have always avoided water-soluble crayons in the past.  I can see I might get addicted to them!

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wanda miller said...

CRAZY GREAT JUNE! such good ideas shared and you gotta know that your own painting spin and drawing skills are smashingly successful! love it all!