Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Art journal project

Pages from the art journal I started in September.  I am a newbie at journalling but it seems a lovely way to enjoy art and also to explore new techniques and subject matter.  So I began a project on wetcanvas on journalling.  Check it out:-

Start an art journal. Project on

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting an art journal but you just haven’t got around to it yet. Or maybe you don’t know where to start. This project is for you. I hope you will join us!

Many famous artists have kept journals or art books. - journals of famous artists

Leonardo da Vinci kept extensive notebooks for his experiments and sketches. Frida Kahlo’s lively journal was published fairly recently . Both of these artists can be inspirational for beginning art journalists. 

What is an art journal you might ask?

It seems to be anything your want it to be…but that is too general for beginners and so here are a few things it can be. 

1. A visual record or diary of your day or week

2. A place to experiment with new techniques and materials

3. A place to discover your interests or subject matter

The main thing that distinguishes it from a regular diary, of course, is the high visual content…which can range from representational to abstract.

I think it’s a very good place to play, experiment, discover. If you take the view that it is not for public viewing then you can work on very personal items and also you can let yourself make a mess…..especially if no-one else is to see it. That can be very freeing. Get out your paints, crayons, sequins, stamps and so forth and play…

Now you make a start on your journal.

1. Choose your format: a sketchbook will do fine, or a scrap book, or you may want to make a book out of recycled papers.

2. Perhaps cover the first page with abstract patterns, stick on a few words of poetry, and then experiment with stamping or stencilling on top. See where it leads you.

Here are some Links: - an artist who does journaling and has great youtube videos on her process. - journals of famous artists - ideas on how to proceed - day by day prompts on what to try in your art journal

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