Saturday, 12 October 2013

Red crown: sticking and stamping

'Red crown,' art journal page, 7 by 10 ins.

I started this page off by sticking some collage papers on the surface, then I added the stamping- using found stamp materials. For example, the hexagonal pattern came from a piece of household tile I found while out on a walk with my dog.

I looked through an old doodle/sketch book and found the guy in the crown, done in pen lines, so I ripped him/her out of the book,  stuck it on my journal page and coloured the face using acrylics.

I had previously glued down a couple of lines from a Sylvia Plath poem which mirrored how I felt about  half way through the project.  But after I added the red crowned figure, I felt happier about the way the page was going so I added to the Plath lines to make them positive.

Sticking on doodles or line drawings is a good way to help develop an art journal page and also to find a 'home' for your doodles.

Here's a close-up of the face and written lines.

Bye for today!!

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