Sunday, 13 October 2013

watercolour figures

1. 'On a park bench', watercolours, 5 ins. sq. approx.
2. 'Gone fishing', watercolours, 3.75 by 8.5 ins., approx.

I was a bit sluggish today...Sunday, day of rest...but I eventually got out some watercolours and tried out some figure studies.  The first one is a doodle in an illustrative style.  And the second one was suggested by a photo reference in the projects forum at wetcanvas.  Photo paint along project at:-

With photo references I have to 'work' harder than with free or imaginative imagery to get a result. After all, a reasonable likeness to the reference is expected.   Thus its good when the image comes out fairly well, e.g., a good likeness of a particular dog, etc.,  but if it doesn't 'work',  I feel disappointed twice because:

1.  I've had to concentrate (on proportion and so on) and not really had fun; and 

2.  I've got nothing to show for the work if it doesn't come out well.

With fantasy and abstract, the art is always fun to do.... so even if the imagery doesn't 'work', at least I have salvaged some enjoyment from it.  So it doesn't irk me as much!!

That being said,  if paintings/drawings don't 'work', they can always be considered to be studies towards a final project.  Or could be collage for an art journal page!

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