Thursday, 12 December 2013

Some printing

Gelli plate prints on paper, around 6 ins sq.

These are 3 from a stack of around 20 papers I printed this afternoon.  I was really into it almost like a factory worker!!  The paper was a stack of 6 ins square cartridge that I got in a kids craft pack from the Poundstore.

I used lemon yellow, cadmium orange and purple/magenta for this first stache of papers, plus silicone shapers, foam stamps and a stencil to make the marks.

I will make a pile (using various colour schemes) and then see what to do with them...probably a book, although for a book it would have been better to use larger paper folded in two for sewing.  You can still make a book by sewing loose sheets together though so I will probably do that.

Watching a video by Kiara Givehand has me inspired to make a book, probably for my poems.

Printing is addictive fun.

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