Friday, 7 February 2014

Mixed media, with watercolour

'Tickling eagle under chin', mixed media, 9 by 12 ins, cartridge paper.

I was inspired after watching a youtube video by Kathleen Conover to try out this technique which is essentially...
1. cover blank paper with stencil of shapes using acrylic medium.
2. put on a layer of multi colours in watercolour, using mixed muted colours.
3. draw a design on top of this with chalk (I had to use charcoal to get the lines to show up)
4. adjust colour values (lights and darks) to create image.

That was my understanding of it... after a quick look at her videos.

Anyway, I tried it out this afternoon, quickly, roughly, and with  lots of changes and substitutions for her technique. I wanted a quick trial to see if it suited me and gave me results I liked.  I liked it a lot and now I see I will need to either buy or make a variety of stencils if I want to use this method in future.

The stencil I used here was Donna Downey potholes.  The colours I used for this painting were: Winsor & Newton, Quinacridone gold, french ultramarine, alizarin crimson.

The videos by Kathleen are at:

Doodle of the day. (with much mess)

'Fish on my head', 5 by 7 ins, pen and wash, on paper.

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